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EG Labs' unique process for the laser inscribing of numbers, letters, trademarks, and logos on the girdle of a diamond means the diamond can be easily identified if there is a question for any reason regarding the identity of the stone. We inscribe in a way that lets it be seen under 10x magnification.

Our inscription service does not cause any damage to the quality of the stone and is permanent as long, of course, as the stone is not re-polished.

This service is particularly in demand by consumers who have the reassurance of being able to quickly and easily identify their stones. It also enables them to have a personal message inscribed on the stone before handing it over as a gift to their loved ones.
EG Labs aims to provide reassurance and our laser inscription means you can positively identify the diamond.

Customers can request that the diamond or colored stone submitted be sealed in a secure and tamper-proof container. This will include a miniature copy of our grading report which is visible from the rear. We offer this service because we are a service-oriented lab that is always looking for new and secure services for our clients.