Cut this species is a hybrid modification of the old French square-cut and Emerald (a kind of cut Asher). Cut "radiant" is usually from 61 to 77 facets, including 8 girdle facets. It is also possible and a greater number of faces.
Standardized in Russia varieties of cut "Radiant" are from 65 to 89 faces.
Shestidesyatiletiya cut ("RA 65") has 25 faces of the crown (one octagonal face of the ground, 8 wedges of the crown, eight triangular faces of the second tier of the crown, eight trapezoidal faces of the first tier of the crown), 32 the pavilion facets (four pentagonal top face pavila, four main facets of the pavilion in the form of deltoid, twenty-four triangular facets chevrons) and eight edges of the girdle.

More precisely, a weight is determined taking into account the amendments on the thickness of the girdle, bulge cut, size caletta, the ratio of the proportions of the cut.

Cut "radiant" was developed in 1977 year, the company Crossbed Henry (Henry Grossbard) "Radiant Cut Diamond Company" (RCDC). In 2002, the company patented a brand ("Original Radiant Cut").