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Our expertise
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Our expertise
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Are you getting the most accurate reports for your diamonds?

Our grading certificates are recognized for their excellence


EG Labs provides grading reports for diamonds, gemstones and stones set in jewelry to the Israeli and global diamond trade. We have the expertise to deal with all sizes and types of stones using state-of-the-art equipment operated by our highly experienced gemologists.

Our expertise is your peace of mind because our highly scientific and accurate certificates provide you with the full details of the item which allows you to sell it with the assurance that what is stated in the report is a precise summary.

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Jewelry report

Our laboratory-based gemological experts have the familiarity, experience and devices required to provide a systematic analysis of the jewelry submitted for grading.

An EG Labs Jewelry Report is an official document in which the piece is examined and provides the basis for insuring it, or as an inheritance piece, or for purchase requirements. It gives a market value for the item. Our report gives a general depiction of the piece, the diamonds in it and the precious metals from which it has been created.

Customer support

One of our major aims is to ensure that customers receive the full support they require. That is why we are available by phone and email during regular office hours, and also monitor calls and emails before and after office hours.

Diamond report

At EG Labs, we believe that it is critical that customers receive the best possible report on the diamonds submitted to us. This allows the diamond to be sold on for the highest possible price.

We aim to provide reassurance that the details provided in our grading reports are precise because they have been methodically checked by our experienced gemologists. Our grading reports provide a stamp of quality and enable consumers to feel confident when purchasing the diamond.


We provide a wide range of services for the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industries. Our grading reports are recognized for their excellence and accuracy and highly sought after by members of the trade.

Gemstone report

Whether it's an emerald, ruby, sapphire or any other precious gemstones, EG Labs will provide you with an accurate grading report. Our experienced gemologists will provide you with a report that says exactly what the stone is – no more, and no less. This provides you with reassurance and enables you to sell the stone in full confidence.

Security seal

Our special sealing system ensures that your grading report and the diamond, gemstone or item of jewelry inside is safe from oil and dirt.

The EG Labs sealing system is also tamper-proof giving you the ultimate reassurance that the item has not been interfered with since it left our premises.